She studied Jewerly Desing in Athens and created her first pieces in 2004,without imagining that in the future this avocation would turn up into her passion. She introduced her personal label SP_Art_by_Sparti in 2007. Mainly interested and mesmerized by foreign cultures, and the Greek history and tradition, she started designing and preparing her own personal collection from silver and mineral stones. As time went by, new materials enhanced the collection, creating the present summer pieces. All jewels are handmade and include a classic touch that is expressed though a modern perspective.

She taught jewelry at the Ilion Municipality.

She took part in an art exhibition in the Municipality of Athens and was successfully crowned.

She participated in two inter-municipal exhibitions in the Municipality of Peristeri, where she was honored to the best visual arts.

The brand name S.P.Art was edited by Mrs. Varvara Terzaki Pallikari and, of course, she stood up to as a mentor to me. 


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